Britney Spears talks a good talk
Posted by George on October 11th, 2007
Bitney Spears in red

Britney Spears planned to ask the court to expand her visitation right to include overnight visits with her two boys. Britney’s lawyer had told her to to attend the hearing which was schedule for this morning at 8:30 AM in Los Angeles. TMZ reports:

We’ve also learned Spears has now had several clean drug tests. Brit’s lawyers will use these tests and other evidence to make their case. They’ve told Britney her presence will show the judge how much she cares about the kids — she finally gets it and plans to show.

When the time came for her to be in court today, guess what Britney was doing? She never showed up as instructed by her lawyer and is currently still probably sleeping in Marina del Rey. What a dumb dumb idiot this Britney Spears is.

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