Britney Spears’ cousin served
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Posted by George on August 13th, 2007
Britney Spears wears black

Alli Sims, Britney Spears’ cousin/assistant, has been served with legal paper at a party in the Hollywood Hills at about 2:30am. Looks like Mark Vincent Kaplan, Kevin Federline’s lawyer, isn’t playing around when he sent ex-Israeli soldier to serve the subpoena. The subpoena will force Alli to testify in custody case between Britney and Kevin and she’ll have to talk about Britney’s parenting skills.

The only reason for this has to be about Britney’s millions and how Kevin wants to get his grubby hands on those dirty greenbacks. According to TMZ:

Federline just agreed to a 50/50 split. Then, he turned around almost immediately and filed papers asking for 70/30. So why such a sudden change of heart?

It’s puzzling that Kevin is suddenly alarmed, given that he’s had absolutely no contact with Spears for almost three months. In fact, we’re told she’s begging him to communicate because of parenting issues but he won’t play ball.

Poor Britney, she just can’t seem to get out of this hell she calls life. From acting like a nudist to shaving her hair off and going to a rehab center to having someone you once married because you were in love trying to steal your hard earn money. Poor Britney you just want to feel sorry for this girl, until you read she did something stupid again.

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