Brett Ratner’s dude job
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Posted by George on August 6th, 2007
Brett Ratner

Brett Ratner isn’t homophobic but he received his first blow job from a guy. This blow job of a story all came out after he told The Advocate about the inspiration for a scene in Rush Hour 3. When the Advocate asked, “when the girl takes off her wig and Chris Tucker becomes angry and accuses her of being a man.” Brett responded:

That’s from my personal experience. My first [oral sex] was from a man, but I didn’t know it was a man… I’m not homophobic or uptight about it. That happens to a lot of heterosexuals. You meet a girl in a bar, and it turns out she’s not a girl.

I don’t know about you, but I would make sure it’s a girl before I let the person get anywhere near the family jewels. And if this thing ever happens to people, I don’t think they will be sharing it with a magazine. Just look at Eddie Murphy’s explanation when he was caught with a transvestite hooker, “I was being a good Samaritan.”

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