Jessica Alba wanted to be a wife
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Posted by George on July 30th, 2007
Jessica Alba wear big sunglasses

When news broke of Jessica Alba being single after breaking up with Cash Warren over the phone, men around the world rejoiced. Now Gatecrasher is reporting that the reason behind the breakup was because Cash wasn’t ready to get marry and Jessica was.

He wasn’t ready for marriage, and Jessica is. It’s simple as that. It’s kind of cold that the press is saying she was just finished with him, because it isn’t like that. Seeing Eva get married made Jessica wistful. That was the reason Jessica seemed to be in a terrible mood in Paris.

Can you really believe that someone like Cash would turn down a marriage with a babe like Alba? What kind of an idiot would say no to having sex with Jessica for the rest of their life. Saying “No” to Alba is like Nicole Richie saying she’s still hungry after eating two french fries.

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