Lindsay Lohan claims her innocence
Posted by George on July 25th, 2007
Lindsay Lohan hides her face

After being arrested on suspicion of DUI and drug possession, Lindsay Lohan is now claiming she’s innocent. Lohan emailed Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush with the following:

Yes. I am innocent… did not do drugs they’re not mine. I was almost hit by my assistant Tarin’s mom. I appreciate everyone giving me my privacy.

I so believe Lindsay when she says the cocaine in her pocket isn’t hers, she is that good of a friend to be carrying other people’s cocaine in her pocket. Or can it be, Lohan just realized possessing cocaine is a felony punishable by years in prison?

When in doubt just deny and blame it on someone else.

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1 Comment to “Lindsay Lohan claims her innocence”

  1. Posted by Winmae on August 31, 2007 @ 5:50 am

    Dd Lindsey really arrested..????? Is she reads ds????

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