Kate Moss’ missing sex tapes
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Posted by George on July 23rd, 2007
Kate Moss in tears

Kate Moss is reportedly freaking out over the fact that two of her sex tapes with ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty is missing. The couple had originally made a total of eight X-rated videos of themselves and Kate has already destroyed six after her breakup with Pete, but now she can’t seem to find the last two. With Pete’s addiction to drugs, Kate is now afraid he will sell the tapes for some quick cash. A source told The Sun:

There are still some bits and pieces floating about of Pete with Kate. She has got rid of most of it. Six out of eight tapes have been destroyed. But she wanted to bury the lot before he could humiliate her by selling them or putting them on the internet.

The surprising story isn’t the sex tapes Kate made with Pete, but how Doherty was able to get his equipment hard and perform on camera after endless booze and drug use.

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