Jennifer Garner needs some sun
Posted by George on July 6th, 2007
Jennifer Garner super pale

Jennifer Garner really needs to get out of her house and bake in the sun. While vacationing in Hawaii for the fourth of July with husband Ben Affleck, Jennifer showed off her hot bodacious ghostly pale body. Who would have know she can double as an albino trying to get tan, if an albino were able to get some sun. Maybe she should have bought herself a bottle of those fake tan in a bottle before she went to the beach looking like a ghost on vacation

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(2) Comments to “Jennifer Garner needs some sun”

  1. Posted by Scott on July 9, 2007 @ 4:54 pm

    Feed this girl a hamburger.

  2. Posted by Bob the Chef on November 27, 2009 @ 4:12 pm

    Scott, you’re a moron. Apparently you like fat women, because Garner looks very much on the healthy part of the average end of the weight spectrum. Look at that tight stomach! It makes me want to lick apple sauce off it while she moans at an unreasonably loud volume.

    Plus, what do you people have against fair skin. If it’s not pasty, then it usually looks better than that baked, mango vomit-colored trailer trash rubbish.

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