Paris Hilton is out and offered a cool million
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Posted by George on June 26th, 2007
Paris Hilton finally free

Paris Hilton has been released from prison today. She served a total of 23 days in jail and lost nearly 10 pounds dining on prison food or from the lack of eating. Upon exiting, Paris smiled and waved as she walked towards her parents, who were waiting in a black SUV. Once she arrived to the vehicle, she gave her mother a big hug through the window, probably for the camera.

Just before Paris was release, her lawyer, Richard Hutton, reportedly slipped a note to Harvey Levin, the person behind The note contain a sketch of her standing in front of cell doors at the Lynwood facility. You can see the sketch below. She must have had a lot of free time in prison.

In other Paris news, she has been offered $1 million to speak at The Learning Annex Real Estate and Wealth Expos in Seattle, Chicago, New York and Boston. To get the million Paris would have to teach a one-hour class on “How to Build Your Brand.” The $1 million offer would be the second highest speaking fee ever offered in the world, second only to The Learning Annex star speaker and real estate mogul, Donald Trump.

It’s one thing to learn from Donald Trump it’s another to learn from Paris Hilton. What the hell would you learn from Paris, besides, how to make a night-vision porn tape and have it released for the world to see.

Paris Hilton prison sketch

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