Angelina Jolie to bribe orphanage
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Posted by George on March 7th, 2007
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt getting Vietnamese boy

Angelina Jolie will be adopting a 4-year-old boy from Vietnam and probably make use of Maddox’s old clothing. The usual time needed to complete the transaction is no more than four months, according to Nguyen Cong Khanh. Four months is a very long time in celebrity life so knowing money motivates people Angelina has pledge $2 million to the orphanage the very first day she receives her new son.

She promised to give $2 million to the Tam Binh orphanage on the very day she receives the child.

The $2 million is like a whole lot of times higher than the standard fee of $125. Maddox must be making a plan to bump off his new brother, you know Maddox is getting old and won’t be getting the same amount of attention now that there is another Asian boy in the house.

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