You have more money than Bobby Brown
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Posted by George on March 2nd, 2007
Bobby Brown arrested

As you may all know Bobby Brown was arrested for not make child support payments. Being the broke ass he is, he was not able to make bail, a radio station offer to make the $19,150 payment to get his ass out of the slammer on the condition that he work for them for a week.

We will have security, transportation, accommodations and everything to make Bobby feel like the star that he is. He accepted!

“We are really doing it for his children, we sympathize with Bobby and hope that this will give him a head start and will put him back on track”, said Kane.

I bet you woke up this morning not knowing you would be richer than Bobby Brown, but now you can tell all your friends you made it, you’re more successful than some famous singer who used to be married to Whitney Houston.

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