Nicole Richie charged with DUI
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Posted by George on February 17th, 2007
Nicole Richie's mugshot
Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie has been charged with DUI yesterday for the arrest back in December 11 for going the wrong way on the 134 Freeway in her SUV. The case also allege that she had a prior misdemeanor DUI back in 2003. If convicted for the second time within 10 years of each other, under California law Richie could be sentence for 90 days to a year in jail, fined between $390 and $1,000, and have her driving privileges suspended.

Looks like her fear of going to prison may become true. I don’t think she has anything to be scare of, women prison is just a ball of fun according to some movies I happen to see. There would be lots of fun shower scene she would definitely love. And lets not forget the guards, oh yea the guards, she can get to know better. And when I say better I mean have sex with.

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