Paris Hilton get treated like a trashcan
Posted by George on February 15th, 2007
Paris Hilton and Richard Lugner

Paris Hilton is currently in Austria to attend the prestigious Vienna Opera Ball as a guest of Richard Lugner. While at a Vienna mall to sign autographs security guards had to quickly get her off stage when the crowd started throwing trash at her. The items that were thrown at her included cigarette packs, tissues and lipsticks. Paris doesn’t think being mistaken for a trashcan as anything by dismissing it as “no big deal” and said she loved her fans.

Paris also had problems entering the country in Munich, Germany, when her passport was found to be expired and had to have Susan McCaw, U.S. ambassador to Austria, to vouch for her. Paris also told 100 or so reporters that she grew up listening to classical music and loved it because it really helps her fall asleep at night.

Paris must not know what it’s like to be treated nicely by fans, because only she would think being mistaken for a human trashcan as loving fans. Surprisingly she didn’t think the person who put up the Paris Exposed website was not a loving fan who wanted everyone to feel like they are experiencing her herpes treatment with her.

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