Kim Kardashian owned up to sex tape
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Posted by George on February 4th, 2007
Kim Kardashian

After denying the existence of a sex tape featuring ex-boyfriend Ray J giving her a golden shower. Kim Kardashian has changed her tune and has now admitted to Sal Masekela of E!’s Daily 10 that there are more than one sex tape out there.

“Have there been tapes? Maybe, yes,” she confessed. “But are they for sale? No. Not for sale. That’s our business.”

When the day comes when she’s flat out broke, that’s when those sex tape will be sold:

I’m not poor; I’m not desperate. I would never attempt to sell a tape. It would humiliate me and ruin my family. I have two successful businesses, and I don’t need the money.

Brandy and Ray J must have convinced her to say this, to take some publicity off of Brandy’s fatal car accident and $50 million lawsuit. Who was she even trying to fool with the denial, when your friends with Paris Hilton you’re automatically assumed to already be an amateur porn star with a big appetite for the white flour.

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