Keira Knightley is a fatty
Posted by George on January 23rd, 2007
Keira Knightley at the beach

Like this little title I made, well Keira Knightley would like it. Keira is suing the Daily Mail for suggesting she’s suffering from some eating disorder. Keira’s lawyer, Simon Smith, says:

The article made reference to what it perceived to be Ms Knightley’s very slim appearance. The article then reported the recent, tragic death of a teenage girl who suffered from anorexia and contained an interview with the girl’s mother. We wish to make clear that Ms Knightley has the deepest sympathy for the girl’s family.

Ms Knightley has publicly denied suggestions that she might be anorexic or have a similar eating disorder, including in a prominent way at a well-publicised press conference to mark the European premiere of Pirates Of The Caribbean 2, in London last summer.

Accordingly, in the proceedings, Ms Knightley will argue that the Mail’s article suggests that she has dishonestly sought to mislead the public about whether she has anorexia or a similar eating disorder and will show that she does not have anorexia; and further will challenge the suggestion that she is responsible and to blame for the tragic death of the teenage girl by setting a bad example

Keira must be hanging out with Nicole Richie for too long and doesn’t know what skinny is. Keira must think it’s a normal thing.


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(6) Comments to “Keira Knightley is a fatty”

  1. Posted by tiffany on July 29, 2008 @ 7:00 pm

    are you kidding? her body is AMAZING! shes not too “skinny” she has abs….abs of muscle. Amazing tone and definition. You can’t attain a body that toned while having an eating disorder because not eating causes people to lose muscle mass. So I disagree. Keira probably doesnt think this is normal…instead, she KNOWS that this is fabulous!

  2. Posted by adriana on August 21, 2008 @ 8:05 am

    what? i really don’t think she’s anorexic! She is perfectly normal, i’ve got a body like hers and i don’t suffer from eating disorders, i am not anorexic, i never tried to loose weight! i’m 1m62 and i had 50 kg, lately i lost 4 kg… (dunno wha’s that in pounds and inches) without doing it on purpose! just like that! Eating normaly and even more than usual i lost weight! Believe it or not! I don’t look skinner but i’m worried! Anyway, why can’t she be left alone? Every person is different, we can’t all be like scarlet johansson! And it’s not her fault some stupid little girl wanted to look like her! It’s the girl who had psicological problems to wanna become another! If this is anorexia then you never saw an anorexic! Take a look!

  3. Posted by Janet on September 19, 2008 @ 9:25 am

    Well, if Keira is 5’7″ as everyone says she is, according to the BMI, she shouldn’t weigh less than 118lbs (sorry, don’t know the British numbers). First of all, she is very young, she is tall, you can obviously see the stomach muscle tone. She trained as a dancer and they tend to be tall and thin. I don’t know what her family background is, but maybe her thin stature is hereditary. She also has those classic English beauty features ( high cheek bones etc.). I’m not condoning anorexia, and I hope for Keira’s sake that she isn’t. I think she is great and I wish her a successful career full of health and happiness.

  4. Posted by Tom on September 19, 2008 @ 12:57 pm

    A little thin, but she does have great Abs. She just has no breast!!!!

  5. Posted by Gene on September 19, 2008 @ 2:05 pm

    You don’t get legs and abs like that from starving. She is fantastic looking. Muscles galore !!! So what if she appears tiny. She is not a big girl to start with. I think she is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. Big boobs are overdone anyway. I’ll take a natural woman anytime.

  6. Posted by ehsan on October 5, 2008 @ 1:58 am


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