Angelina Jolie not happy with questions
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Posted by George on January 16th, 2007
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at Golden Globe

Angelina Jolie mood at the Golden Globe wasn’t her typical save the world happy girl. Jolie wasn’t too happy with all the questions Ryan Seacrest was asking, after giving Ryan the silent treatment, Brad leapt in and said, “The answer is ‘no comment.'” Not even Brad was immune from Jolie’s death stare.

The “Tomb Raider” star’s death glare seemed to extend even in Pitt’s direction, as he answered questions from Seacrest about their children and his nominated film, “Babel.”

Jolie’s brow furrowed as Pitt told Seacrest he wanted a whole soccer team of Jolie-Pitts. Guess Angie isn’t so keen on a big brood – or on Brad’s cavalier attitude toward talking about the fam.

We can all blame St. John for Jolie’s crappy mood. Why didn’t the fashion house pay her more than the $12 million she got to wear that gray dress to the Golden Globes. Don’t they know she’s supporting the whole third world countries on her tattoo back.

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