Mike Tyson indicted and face possible prison time
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Posted by George on January 12th, 2007
Mike Tyson's mugshot

Mike Tyson has been indicted on felony drug possession and paraphernalia possession counts and two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence of drugs. This indictment comes from his Dec. 29 arrest for DUI and drug possession.

Thomas said he would pursue prison time for Tyson, who was convicted of rape in Indiana in 1992 and pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault charges in Maryland in 1999.

“Tyson endangered the public and himself and must be held accountable for his actions,” Thomas said. “It’s my hope that a conviction and prison time will help him to break his addictions and learn to comply with the law.”

Thomas is sadly mistaken when he said jail time is going to break Tyson. He must not know Tyson is like a pit bull and when you cage up a pit bull the result is never good. The only solution is to put down the pit bull before it’s too late. Oh wait, we’re talking about a human and not an animal.

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