Angelina Jolie’s own adoption in question
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Posted by George on January 11th, 2007
Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

With Angelina Jolie’s recent statement to Gala magazine about Madonna’s adoption of David in a country with no formal adoption laws. Instead of getting the support of other adopting parents, Jolie got a unintended reaction from parents who are having a hard time adopting from Cambodia.

Page Six reports that Angelina had adopted Maddox with the help of Seattle International Adoptions, an organization run by Lauryn Galindo, who was eventually found guilty of visa fraud and money laundering.

Beams said that after Jolie’s adoption scandal, Cambodia closed its doors, and many families who were waiting to acquire children were left empty-handed.

“She [Jolie] adopted Maddox under a questionable agency, where the directors went to prison.” Beams added, “It would be nice to see her speak out on issues and policies surrounding international adoption.”

Never mess with The Material girl, its just bad news when you do.

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