Paris Hilton the serious actress
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Posted by George on January 9th, 2007
Paris a serious actress

Paris Hilton says she’s going to be a serious actress. To do this, she’s preparing for her new role in The Hottie and the Nottie by reading the book The Power of the Actor. She tells Hello! magazine:

I’m serious about acting and I have a bunch of movies lined up. I think I can become a good actress. It’s something I want to prove to myself and to other people. I feel I’m getting better and feeling more confident about what I can do as an actress.

Odds of Paris becoming a serious actress is worst than the odds of me flying like Superman. Lets see, what serious actress would be in the movie The Hottie and the Nottie and how many serious actress reads a book and all of a sudden become a serious actress. That’s right, absolutely none.

Paris is more like a comedian when she say she is going to be a serious actress. It was so funny reading it that if I was drinking milk, I would have seriously spill up the milk all over the computer reading about this.

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