Donald Trump wants credit
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Posted by George on January 4th, 2007
Donald Trump

Donald Trump is taking credit for the boost in rating, The View, has experience. Trump tells New York Daily News, “Ratings are up because of me.” Trump says:

The ratings are up a little bit, from their worst year, and the only reason ratings are up is because of her attack dog attacking people. The difference is those people never fought back.

This comes after Barbara Walters’ on air retraction of Rosie’s comments about Trump being bankrupt, “ABC has asked me to say this just to clarify things, and I will quote: ‘Donald Trump has never filed for personal bankruptcy. Several of his casino companies have filed for business bankruptcies. They are out of bankruptcy now.'”

At this rate, Donald will soon take credit for the success of NBC’s show Deal or No Deal, remember his appearance on the show during the beginning of the shows start, yea you know Trump didn’t forget that. Wonder if I can take credit for his casinos coming out of bankruptcy, oh heck, I’m going to take credit because I did lose money to his casinos in Atlantic City.

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