Paris Hilton steals from restaurant by not paying
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Posted by George on January 2nd, 2007
Paris stops singing

Paris Hilton was in a brazen hamburger heist in Australia, making off with a burger, bottle water and a frappe.

The hotel heiress pulled a brazen dine-and-dash yesterday after nibbling on a hamburger in Australia, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. Hilton also had a mineral water and frappe at Sloanes Café before she took off without paying $8.

The airhead heiress must have something else on her mind or she must not really be that rich, I mean come on its only $8 bucks and my poor ass would still be able to pay for that. I can picture Paris ordering a burger and drinks than after eating it, pretend to go to the bathroom and when no one is looking make a fast getaway out the window.

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