Paris Hilton with white powder in nose
Posted by George on December 15th, 2006
Paris Hilton white substance in nose

Paris Hilton was spotted with some white stuff in her nose after having a $2,600 lunch with Brandon Davis at Nellos restaurant in New York. These two left a tip of $250 for a bill of $2,350, which comes to a little less than 11%. They had salad and two $1,050 dishes of Kobe Steaks with white truffles, holy cow, those must be some delicious steaks. Anyways, Paris’ spin master Elliot Mintz gives the following explanation for the white substance.

I can tell you Paris does not use narcotics. I would imagine [it’s] something like whipped cream or a sugary substance from dessert. Something that naturally might have found it’s way to onto her face if she touched her nose or whatever. I’d label it a stray dessert.

So what Elliot is saying is after eating, Paris stuck her dirty finger up her nose and left that white thing in there. Paris either has to pick her nose correctly or not leave any white stuff up in there for everyone to get the wrong idea.

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1 Comment to “Paris Hilton with white powder in nose”

  1. Posted by sara on July 2, 2007 @ 1:58 pm

    omg.. that is so not paris u can tell by the shape of the nose.. morons get a real picture
    if u want to talk about it

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