Angelina Jolie to adopt more
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Posted by George on December 15th, 2006
Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie was on the Good Morning America show and said she Brad Pitt want more children and will adopt another to balance their “mixed-race family.” She also added that she’s on the pill so she won’t be having another biological child in the near future.

I want Mad (Maddox) to know that as our family grew and we all came together, we didn’t just start having children, biological children,” the 31-year-old actress said Thursday on ABC’s “Good Morning America. Yes, we have Shiloh and it’s been a wonderful experience, but we want to find another brother or sister in the world for our family. I’m on the pill. You know, now the questions are more when you have a mixed-race family, do you balance the races so there’s another African person in the house for Z? So there’s another Asian person in the house for Mad? Shiloh has Brad and I she can look at. What’s best for the children as they grow? … We don’t just want to have different children from different countries. That’s not the point.

Looks like there won’t be a United Nation in the Jolie-Pitt family. Probably after working for the UN, she didn’t want to come home to another UN.

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