Beyonce and Jay-Z not really getting married?
Posted by George on December 8th, 2006
Jay-Z and Beyonce

Beyonce’s rep is denying the recent reports of them getting married in a surprise birthday party for Jay-Z in Anguilla. The rep for Jay-Z is also backing up the denial by saying she had no knowledge of any approaching nuptials.

Can this denial be part of the smokescreen they are throwing out to throw us all off their wedding track? In any case we are all glad to hear there will be no wedding, because it would be like a Beauty and the Beast wedding.

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1 Comment to “Beyonce and Jay-Z not really getting married?”

  1. Posted by Isabella Gucci on April 13, 2008 @ 5:44 am

    I am very happy for them. I hope it lasts

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