Fake Kevin Federline’s fake murder
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Posted by George on November 22nd, 2006

Even with Britney Spears impending divorce with Kevin Federline, she’s still upset over the whole Kevin sketch on American Music Awards. Apparently Britney was a little pissed off about the whole thing.

E!’s Marc Malkin first reported Brit was upset, and now a rep for Brit tells TMZ, “She had no idea” that the skit would immediately precede her appearance. We’re told Britney was “incredibly upset” and “inconsolable.”

The sketch featured AMA host Jimmy Kimmel sealing a Federline look-a-like in a wooden crate and shipping him out to sea. Kimmel called K-Fed,”the world’s first ever no-hit wonder.” Less than five minutes later, Kimmel introduced Spears as a surprise presenter.

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