Britney Spears fake sex tape news
Posted by George on November 21st, 2006
Britney Spears

After reading the numerous sites out there, you probably think Britney Spears is going to give away the alleged sex tape Kevin Federline is trying to sell. Well not to burst your bubble of seeing Britney doing some crazy sex act on Kevin, but those news are so fake. The elaborate satire came from the people behind Pug Bus. Some of the quote included:

“Brit figures she’ll beat that sucker to the punch, just like she did by giving away pictures of Jayden James,” said Spears family friend Nyla Price, 55, the owner of Nyla’s Burger Basket.

“Half of nuthin’ is nuthin’, and that’s what her lying skunk of a husband will get if she gives that video away before he can find some sleazeball to buy it.”

According to Ms. Price, the original sex video is “more like forty-five minutes long” than the four hours Mr. Federline is alleging.

Who would have known the press loves fake news as much as real news. Now time to go off and give the press what they want, lots of fake and funny news.

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