Denise Richards attacks elderly with laptop
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Posted by George on November 11th, 2006
Denise Richards

Actress Denise Richards has gone and done a really stupid thing that resulted in the injury of two elderly women. While filming her new movie Blonde and Blonder in Vancouver, Canada, she got into a fight with a photographer. In the fight Denise grab hold of the paparazzo’s laptop and flung it out the balcony, making its way to the lobby of the hotel, hitting a wheelchair-bound 80-year-old and her friend. Luckily for the actress the old ladies will not be pressing charges against her.

The movie production company issued a statement about the incident on Thursday: “Yesterday evening, while filming a scene for Blonde and Blonder, a number of unauthorized persons entered the film set and began harrassing members of the cast. While trying to stop the paparazzi, Denise Richards was involved in an altercation. To protect her safety she instinctively knocked the paparazzo’s laptops off a ledge. Royal Canadian Mounted Police were called to the scene as a precaution and the case was soon closed. No charges were filed against Ms. Richards.”

I guess Denise is just stupid for throwing a laptop off a balcony with people below. The victims should have sued her and retire happily on a beach somewhere where no one else will attack you with laptops from above.

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