Ryan Phillippe is a cheater
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Posted by George on November 1st, 2006
Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon

We all knew for a long time that Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon would end their marriage, it was just a matter of time. So when the news broke about Reese leaving Ryan while his Flags of Our Fathers movie is in theaters, there must be a really good reason. Give it up to National Enquirer for digging up the truth about Ryan cheating on Reese.

They claim to have a source that says Ryan had been cheating on Reese with his co-star Abbie Cornish in his upcoming film, Stop Loss. After filming had ended the two had a cozy dinner alone at Kenichi. The source says:

They came into the restaurant a month ago, both casually dressed in warm-up outfits. They asked for the restaurant staff to pull curtains around their table, so no one could see them.

A reader reported to Tent at Pink is the new Blog:

We sat two tables away from Phillippe and an extremely attractive blonde (not Reese). The couple had a partition placed around their table soon after they arrived, but we could still see their legs intertwined under the table. As we left, we could see them clearly making out behind the partition.

The cheater was caught on Oct. 16 by Reese when they were both in New York for the premiere of Flags of Our Fathers. During this night Reese saw the evidence she needed in his Blackberry, that was conveniently left in the bathroom. That’s the moment Ryan was caught red-handed, like a child’s hand in the cookie jar.

Ryan must have wanted Reese to find out so he wouldn’t have to sneak around. Why else would you leave your love email you sent to another women on your Blackberry, that you just leave around for your wife to casually walk by and pick up and read.

The face of the other woman.

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