Kevin Federline to stink up the big screen
Posted by George on October 23rd, 2006
Kevin Federline
Kevin Federline

Wannabe rapper Kevin Federline will soon bring his crappy acting and singing ability to a theater near you. Britney Spears’ husband will make his movie debut in the upcoming hip-hop movie, Caught on Tape, which will be directed by rapper Sticky Fingaz. Sticky says:

This is a hardcore musical – lots of violence, sex, action, drama, plus sentiment and romance as well. It’s Kev Fed’s (movie) acting debut. He’s really cool.

We can’t wait to avoid this movie the way it should be avoided.

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(2) Comments to “Kevin Federline to stink up the big screen”

  1. Posted by Sandy Cordell on January 10, 2007 @ 3:24 pm

    Whoever is writing these articles can’t speak english, can’t you? The tenses are all wrong, you sound like an uneducated half wit. And who publishes illiterate crap like this? I mean, I know it’s scandal, and that’s fine, just don’t sound like an imbicile when you sling mud at people. It certainly puts you in the same or worse catagory as the Spears, Hilton or Federline you are trashing! Come on, you can’t possibly be getting paid for this ridiculous amateur english, can you? You sound absolutely stupid, like you have a 4th grade education. Don’t you know what spell check is? It would help a little, but then what you really need is a LOT of english classes, dummy.

  2. Posted by George on January 10, 2007 @ 7:51 pm

    Sandy Cordell, thanks for commenting. Your comment tells me you are an imbecile by not spell checking your own comment.

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