Anna Nicole Smith married Howard K. Stern
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Posted by George on September 28th, 2006
Anna Nicole Smith
Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith has officially married her attorney Howard K. Stern, according to Star magazine. The wedding took place just before 10:30 am in Nassau, Bahamas. Anna must be out of her mind getting marry just 18 days after the death of her son Daniel Smith. An eyewitness tell the magazine:

There was heavy security around the yacht, plus extra speedboats to deliver more supplies as needed (including unlimited Dom Perignon champagne) from the mainland to the catamaran. And Anna was wearing a pink bikini! Later on, she changed into a colorful, one-piece suit with a wrap around her waist.

This is just very strange, Anna made over $600,000 on the death of her son and Daniel hasn’t even had a proper funeral yet. This just makes you want to bitch slap some sense into that dumb blonde.

On a sidenote, Larry Birkhead, the other guy who’s claiming to have father Anna’s new baby had the following to say:

That’s not a grief-stricken mother. He [Howard] wants to take over paternity and that’s his maneuver. Nothing shocks me now. It gets crazier and crazier.

Sounds like Larry’s a little worry about not getting any kind of money from Anna when she eventually gets her hand on parts of her late husband, J. Howard Marshall, billion dollar estate.

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