Paris Hilton buys good press
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Posted by George on September 20th, 2006

After having a bad week of being denied entry to some Hot parties, Paris Hilton has spend $100 to buy some good press. While ordering some food at a McDonalds drive-thru window, a pan-handler came up to her car and asked for some money. And we all know what her answer would have been if there wasn’t paparazzi around or if her star status wasn’t crashing so fast.

The homeless guy asked Paris, “You Paris Hilton! Can I get a hundred dollars? See if you can’t do that, how ’bout a dollar so I can get a burger?” If this wasn’t some cheap PR opportunity why would Paris also take the time to pose for some pictures? There’s no reason except getting her face on some news websites, like this one your reading. If you watch the video you can hear some paparazzi pressure her to give the man $100.


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