Quick, no one should hire Paris Hilton
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Posted by George on September 11th, 2006
Paris Hilton

Learning work ethic from Lindsay Lohan is never a good thing, but it looks like Paris Hilton has been taking lessons from Lohan. Paris’ co-star, Simona Fusco, from the movie Bottoms Up had the following to say about Paris:

I don’t think there’s any talent there. My biggest problem with Paris was that she was always late on the set . . . It became very annoying . . . Everyone gets tired. By the time Paris finally showed up, she was usually coming from a party . . . She never memorized her lines. So now, not only does she show up late, but on top of it she didn’t have her lines ready to go. It was a very long day working with Paris.

This I would believe to be true given all the parties she gets paid to show up for a few minutes

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