Suri Cruise Vanity Fair cover
Posted by George on September 6th, 2006
Suri Cruise Vanity Fair

We finally get a glimpse of Suri Cruise. According to a source for PopBitch:

Vanity Fair shoot of Suri Cruise says the baby looks enough like Cruise and Holmes for their parentage to be plausible, but that it is a bit of a runt, and required 21 days of photography, plus three days of digital touching-up, before the magazine and celebrity parents had a cover image they liked.

The cover does look like it had undergone some extensive touch-up with photoshop.

This is what Katie Holmes has to say about all those gossip report about her family and Suri:

It’s been heartbreaking. Some of the crap that’s out there—the stuff that’s said about my parents and my siblings [tabloid accounts implied that Katie’s family did not hit it off with Tom]—it’s really frustrating the amount of shit that’s out there. And the stuff they say about Suri?! You shouldn’t say that about us, and you can’t say that about my child.

[Image via Vanity Fair]

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(2) Comments to “Suri Cruise Vanity Fair cover”

  1. Posted by azreen on March 5, 2008 @ 2:57 am

    she’so so so so cute

  2. Posted by Lauren R. on November 4, 2008 @ 10:14 am

    This is the most beautiful baby in the world!

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