Christina Milian is not broke
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Posted by George on September 3rd, 2006
Christina Milian
Christina Milian not bankrupt

After many sites reporting online about Christina Milian facing financial disaster aster she reported she was selling her clothing on eBay, Christina has now officially deny the whole thing. On her MySpace blog post, Christina says the following:

ok guys i need to respond to this for those of u who have read any of these STUPID writeups from these little tabloid websites. i am NOT BROKE!! i AM negotiating a new record deal with another label. i am NOT BANKRUPT EITHER! i have made pleanty and enough money in all the different areas of my career and the fact that i am not with defjam anymore doesn’t mean i am not making money. i’m prob making more money now! believe me. the fact that i am selling stuff on ebay is strictly for FUN and sumthing i always wanted to get into…that is it! please nobody take this personal but apperently my BLOG is sumthing the journalist have a close eye on for their stories, they need to grow up. And second. i have about a handful of friends, 3 at most…so if any1 ever said they r a personal “Friend” or source in an interview and act like they have confidential info—they literally r not my friend… and i mean LITERALLY- i probably barely know them. I have not been using my own money to promote either. promote what? my movie, uh hello….movie company handles that. I’m not spending money any different than i have and invested my money well enough so i dont have to worry. Not to mention, i keep saying, there is more to come. i’m not lying when i say that. I am happy i’m not announcing every little venture i have coming up in my career cuz all the haters and wack tabloid sites are just gonna throw negative energy on it and im tired of that and dont need that in my life right now. So to the immature writers who get all the fake gossip started, how bout u check with the REAL sources first and stop assuming. I was doing this for fun and donating AS I ALWAYS DO, (u wouldn’t write about that i’m sure)…as a side hobby with my sisters.

So there you go, Christina is not broke and she’s only selling on eBay for fun. Wonder if she’s practicing for when she creates a company that sells celebrities’ item online, oh wait they already have this kind of business.

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