Celebrities avoid Kevin Federline VIP after-party
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Posted by George on August 25th, 2006
Kevin Federline perform at Teen Choice Awards

After the Teen Choice Awards show, Kevin Federline threw a after-party for all the celebrities to congratulate him on an awesome performance. But, all the celebrities on his invite list were too smart to fall for this scam and never showed up after getting sick during his performance. These stars who didn’t fall for this were, Jessica Simpson, ‘The O.C.’ star Mischa Barton, ‘Superman Returns’ actor Brandon Routh, the Olsen twins, and singer Nelly Furtado.

The only celebrity who went to the shindig was wife Britney Spears, who would have not gone if it wasn’t for the marriage vow. An insider told New York Daily News:

After everyone saw Kevin’s performance, no one wanted to be stuck there having to pretend it was good.

If Mischa Barton didn’t even show up to the party, that tells us a lot about how god-awful his singing is. And if you haven’t seen it yet, this is your lucky day to check out the crap performance.

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