Jessica Biel pimp herself out for good cause
Posted by George on July 16th, 2006

Sexiest Woman Alive

Actress Jessica Biel is pimping out herself for a good cause. Jessica will be helping a teenage girl, Molly Bloom, who had lost a leg when a Hummer stretch limousine driven by Stanley D. Sample ran her over and dragged her about 38 feet.

In an audio message by Jessica, Esquire magazine’s The Sexiest Woman Alive urges listeners to support the event, saying:

Hey this is Jesse Biel, coming to you from the set of my newest film Next. Where I play opposite Nickolas Cage and Julianne Moore. Our shooting schedule is really hectic, so we only have a minute, but I want to remind you how important the upcoming July 18 Molly Bloom benefit is.

Any support you can give to the preparation for this event will be greatly appreciated. And I sincerely hope you can attend to help Molly and her family as they deal with the challenges ahead.

Although my schedule prohibit my attendance, I intend to submit a very special auction item as my contribution to the evening. Please do what you can and together we’ll all help to make a difference.

[ and Denver Channel]

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  1. Posted by ajones on February 3, 2010 @ 11:17 pm

    I find Jessica to be a REAL person. Just saw her visit with Jay Leno, February 3. Really unpretentious and likeable. She has alot going for her, and looks like she is a happy person. felt I wanted to write after reading about the benefit she was involved with. Since back in the days of Party of 8 I’ve thought positively of her..

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