Did Lindsay Lohan throw up?
Posted by George on June 15th, 2006
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

I wonder who in Lindsay Lohan’s party threw up all over the private room of Spotted Pig? I wouldn’t be a bit suprise if it was Lindsay.

Lindsay Lohan was eating at the Spotted Pig gastropub in New York recently. She and her friends had commandeered the private room. When the group left, staff found that someone had vomited all over the room. Cue a frantic rush to clean up ready for the next reservation. And so poor Chelsea Clinton and friends sat down to dinner, with the room still stinking of bleach and ammonia.

Sucks to be Chelsea and her friend, sitting at dinner and only thing you smell is bleach and ammonia. What’s wrong with these people, I would have gotten up and left the place.


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