Kick a robber’s ass and get sue
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Posted by George on June 12th, 2006
Victim sued by robber

The next time someone try to rob you, better think twice before you lay the smack down on his candy ass or your find your ass getting robbed again sued. This all started when Dana Buckman walked into a AutoZone with a semiautomatic gun trying to rob them, but instead two employees turned the table and beat Dana with a metal pipe.

Buckman claims the men chased him out of the store and continued to beat him. He is suing the auto shop and the men for the injuries he suffered and for emotional distress.

This reminds me of a mother suing a store because her daughter spilled some liquid on the floor causing her to fall, blaming the store for not controlling her daughter. So the next time you need to make a quick buck, go and punch a big dude in the face and wait for him to kick your ass so you can sue his ass.


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