Lindsay Lohan not happy with apology
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Posted by George on June 2nd, 2006
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

Actress Lindsay Lohan must be getting over her head with her stardom. According to In Touch magazine, Lindsay isn’t happy with the apology she got from Brandon Davis for calling her a fire crotch with an seven feet clitoris.

Lindsay Lohan isn’t satisfied with the written apology Brandon Davis issued a week after he crudely besmirched her private parts outside an L.A. club last month. Lohan’s lawyers have now sent the oil heir a letter warning that the actress may sue him if he doesn’t make a $250,000 charitable donation and release a videotaped apology to TV

The last time I check we are free to say what we want, unlike people in China. So maybe Lindsay might want to think about moving to China where there is no freedom to speech. Lets all hope Lindsay is crazy enough to sue.

[Daily Dish]

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