I’m Brad Pitt, Get Me Out of Namibia
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Posted by George on June 2nd, 2006
Brad Pitt
Get Brad Pitt out of Namibia

Brad Pitt is getting a little home sick living in Namibia. Brad miss all those good food at expensive five star restaurants and also the freedom to walk out and grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks. A source tells Star magazine:

They are cooped up in the hotel, the food isn’t great and he doesn’t like the heat. He seems thoroughly depressed and I think he misses Malibu.

Angelina is unhappy because he won’t go along with her plans. She is so passionate about Namibia and wants Brad to be too, but you get the feeling he just has a yearning to put down some roots. Going to Africa was bizarre for him.

Luckily for Brad, he’s got an excuse to leave real soon, for the filming of Oceans 13 which will start real soon. I bet Brad also miss living in his million dollar mansion in Malibu.

[Spot Lighting News]

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