Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan got beef
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Posted by George on May 16th, 2006
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohann got big time beef with each other, that resulted into an altercation last Friday at club Hyde, in Hollywood. The whole thing started when Lohan walked up to Paris and sister Nicky Hilton’s table, at which point the war of words begins. Hilton’s spokesperson Elliot Mints downplays the whole thing by saying:

Paris was having a conversation with a couple of friends.

Lindsay approached her table and at that moment Paris felt she was being interrupted and didn’t wish to speak to Lindsay.

A couple of words were exchanged and Lindsay went back to her table.

I can understand how other patrons in the club could have thought it had been a bigger deal than it actually was.

Imagine if these two girls were rappers, we would have seen drive-by shooting and fist fights between the two entourage.

[Long Island Press]

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