Kate Moss the fashion designer
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Posted by George on May 10th, 2006
Kate Moss
Kate Moss is Back

Supermodel Kate Moss is going to do what many celebrities are doing, starting up her own designer label. Kate says she will make her fashion label the best and biggest out there.

I’m going to take everyone on and I’m going to shock everyone. I know what works, I know what women want, and I know there is money to be made. My name is my brand and it’s going to be the biggest thing in fashion.

Kate will possibly name her line Kate, Mossy or Lila Loves. A friend of her tells Grazia magazine:

No contracts have been signed yet, so there is no launch date – although she is looking at getting something underway by next year. But everyone around her is being really positive about the whole thing. They think it will just grow and grow.

She is clear about the direction she wants it to take – she loves Stella’s McCartney’s clothes and would like to do something similar. Kate will be overseeing the whole design and, presumably, ensuring the clothes have enough of the ‘Kate sparkle’ that has made her a style icon.

Maybe she can also add Powder as a possible name. You get it, “Powder” as in the white stuff she snorted on a video taped.

[Female First]

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