Money down the toilet
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Posted by George on April 21st, 2006

I bet you have been told one time in your life that you were throwing money down the toilet. Well this retired German literally did just that with his money. He flushed down about $18,900 in old bank notes thinking it was worthless paper notes.

Officials were alerted by a blocked pipe in the northern city of Kiel. A cleaning company employee extracted soggy bundles of bank notes, but more money got away as the water started flowing again.

Investigators then discovered that the retiree had reported a blocked pipe at his house the same day. They visited the “slightly bewildered” man at his apartment and he confirmed that he had flushed the money away, a police statement issued late Wednesday said.

The 64-year-old “was of the opinion that mark notes no longer had any value,” it added. He still had another 30,000 marks at the apartment, as well as euro14,000 (US$17,300) in euro bills.

[LA Times]

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