Do not email Tom Cruise
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Posted by George on April 17th, 2006
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Contact Music is reporting that Tom Cruise hates getting email and have went as far as telling his friends and family to just pick up the damn phone if they wanted to talk to him. His first foray into the the electronic messaging was back when he was making his first Mission: Impossible movie. Cruise says:

The next day, there are 50 messages. I’m the kind of person, if someone phones, I have to return the call because it’s rude not to, but I’m a father, I’m producing a movie, I’m working. I don’t have time to type out 50 emails.

Is it me or does Cruise still have a email account? If he would just not use the damn thing, he wouldn’t have to worry about telling friends and family to just call him.

[Contact Music]

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