David Blaine sleeping with the fishes
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Posted by George on April 13th, 2006
David Blaine
David Blaine

Magician David Blaine has gotten a brand new and wacky stunt up his sleeve to amaze you all. Past tricks included a balancing act for 35 hour, living inside a ice block for 61 hours, and not eating for 44 days.

This time its sleeping with the fishes, well more like a human aquarium or a personal pool. This stunt will consist of Blaine staying inside a eight-foot acrylic sphere for seven days at outside of Lincoln Center in New York city. At the end of the stunt Blaine will go for the world record by holding his breath for more than 8 minutes, 58 seconds.

Lets hope they make that acrylic sphere bulletproof, cause we all know how those New Yorkers will want to pop that bubble. This whole thing will take place on May 1st and you all can watch the end live May 8, 2006 on ABC.


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