Paris Hilton slams Nicole Richie
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Posted by George on April 5th, 2006

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie
I thought Paris Hilton was trying to be friends with former BFF Nicole Richie. I guess that is never going to happen now, now that Paris has slammed Nicole by saying she’s jealous and pathetic. Paris may have put the last nail on the coffin by telling Heat magazine:

She cannot stand being around me because I get all the attention and people really don’t care about her. It breaks my heart. She was my sister. She was the funniest, best person to be around and then she let the fame go to her head.

She’s not the same person any more. I never want to speak to her again – ever.

Paris also added that Nicole was only able to promote her book The Truth About Diamonds by using her name:

It’s really pathetic that she needs to use my name to sell something because she’s obviously not enough.

I’ve been best friends with her since I was two, but when I brought her on to my show, she got very jealous and turned on me for no reason.

I say oil down these two former BFF and have them wrestle to see who wins. That will be a pay-per-view people will watch.

[Monsters and Critics]

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