King of all ecstasy user
Posted by George on April 4th, 2006
Ecstasy Pills
Ecstasy Pills

A 37-year-old man who will only be known as Mr A has revealed to doctors that he has consumed over 40,000 pills of ecstasy in his lifetime. This revelation makes it the largest reported ecstasy usage by a single person, the old record was 2,000 pills. Mr A was able to beat the record by starting at the age of 21 and continuing until he was 30. At the peak of his ecstasy usage, he was taking 25 pills for four years.

After all those years of popping pills, he is now experiencing memory problems, among other things. Doctors says:

For a few months, he felt as if he was still under the influence of ecstasy and suffered several episodes of ‘tunnel vision’.

He eventually developed severe panic attacks, recurrent anxiety, depression, muscle rigidity (particularly at the neck and jaw levels).

All this and his brain scan still failed to show any kind of damage, like a hole in his brain. So this guy must be faking this, but just to be safe don’t take 25 pills a day.


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1 Comment to “King of all ecstasy user”

  1. Posted by trudi on September 20, 2009 @ 5:44 pm

    im 23yrs old chick,iv been taking all kind of drugs since i was at lest 16yr brain hurts from time to time.i could easy go to a gig any dnb an drop 3ecstasy,maybe a tab not saying this is wat i get into 24/7,this was my life .a year ago i went cold turkey,im now feeling memorey is stuck to remember things, im having mussel problems.i hate !
    what to do ??

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