James Blunt pimped out sister
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Posted by George on March 17th, 2006

James BluntJames Blunt has sold off her sister on the auction site eBay so she could get help in getting to a funeral in Ireland. The singer with an addiction to buying and selling on eBay plans to offer up his younger sister after seeing how well the last sister auction went. James says:

I had a bit of an eBay addiction and I sold everything in my apartment in London and then I came in one day and my sister was crying because she couldn’t get to a funeral in southern Ireland.

None of the planes were working, none of the trains, none of the ferries, so I saw another golden opportunity to flog something and so I put my sister up on eBay, saying, ‘Damsel in distress, needs to get to Southern Ireland. What do you get out of it as a bidder? You just get to be a knight in shining armour.’

Everyone started bidding and a guy won and he had a helicopter and he could fly her to the funeral in southern Ireland and they’re now dating and they’ve been going out for 18 months and she’s living with him.

I have a second sister, who’s gonna go on sale soon.

I think James has come up with a great idea we will all see more of in the future. Prostitution right on eBay, pick the girl you like and place a bid and not even get arrested because you are bidding on a dinner date. Unless some pimp is already doing this.

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