NBC to buy YouTube?
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Posted by George on March 9th, 2006

There are speculations in a column by Ben Charny of eWeek that NBC may eventually buy out YouTube. It won’t be the first time this type of thing has happened, the best known case was when Napster was eventually bought out by a record company.

This whole talk about buying YouTube came after NBC had to tell YouTube.com for the second time in a couple of weeks to remove a Saturday Night Live skit, this one featuring Natalie Portman rapping gangsta style. The skit in question were uploaded within a few minutes of the skits airing, but was removed within a few days after NBC sent a demanding letter to do so.

It also didn’t hurt that after NBC conducted an investigation into these online viral video websites that they seen just how many of it’s programing were being downloaded at the websites, with well over 5 million downloads. An NBC Universal spokesperson says the following in an interview:

So it’s not out of the question that NBC could approach an alleged offender and turn it into a business partner. We recognize there’s a demand.

When this happen expect YouTube to turn into crap and another site come out and steal all the YouTube users away.


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