Paula Abdul breach security
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Posted by George on March 6th, 2006
Paula Abdul
Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul is in the news again, this time its for breaching airport security. The TSA is currently conducting an investigation to see who will bear the responsibility for helping Abdul bypass security checkpoints to board a flight on Southwest Airlines.

In a dash to make her Los Angeles flight – and her American Idol live gig later that evening – Abdul and a companion were reportedly ushered past security and onto the Southwest Airlines plane, which resulted in all the passengers being re-screened once the flight landed in L.A., the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

At present the blame is being pointed to a worker who was working for an airport tenant and not for the airline. How the hell they not know who is responsible, don’t they have like a bunch of cameras on the ceiling that they can use to see who was initially the one to wave them over the checkpoint? This just makes you wonder who else is able to skip the checkpoint and never reported.


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