Hot Things: Clay Aiken and His Webcam
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Posted by George on March 2nd, 2006

Sorry for the lateness. Had some server issues.

  • Patrick Dempsey says he has dyslexia. [People]
  • Courteney Cox will star in FX TV show call Dirt. [Variety]
  • Americans knows more about the cartoon Simpsons than their rights. [Daily Dish]
  • Dumb 12-year-old ruin a $1.5 million painting by sticking a wad of gum on it. [AP]
  • Can there be a class action lawsuit against Playboy for tricking buyers in thinking Jessica Alba was inside the magazine? [Smoking Gun]
  • Eddie Murphy’s gayness may come out during divorce. [Page Six]
  • Wearing high heels may result in fertility problems. [Female First]
  • Clay Aiken and his gay webcam picture. [Hollywood Rag]

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